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Aspen Vases

Vases are made from Colorado Aspen with the bark left on the vase (in most cases). Vases vary from 10" to 24" tall and are available in a variety of shapes and bark patterns depending on knots, bark characteristics and scarring. Vases come with a removable tube that will allow the vase to hold water for fresh flowers. The tubes are 1.5" in diameter x 8" long.


The dark scars on the aspen tree's white bark are caused by elk and other foraging animals that nibble on the soft inner bark when grasses and shrubs are buried by deep snows.  Besides chewing on aspen bark for food, elk and mule deer rub their antlers against the trunks to shed velvet in autumn. Other aspen scars are made by black bear marking their territory, and woodpeckers creating holes to search for insects or make nests. If injured or grazed on too severely, some aspen trees will die.


Please email us if you would like more information, are interested in ordering online or if you would like a photo emailed to help you decide on a vase. Our stock is constantly changing, so these vase photos are representative samples only.


Prices vary from $45 - $120 depending on size and markings. We cannot offer free shipping on vases as they are very expensive to ship. (Shipping one small vase is usually $25-30. We only charge you what the post office charges us.)

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