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My love for wood began in high school when I worked in a cabinet shop for three years. My passion for working with wood continued through college where I majored in Industrial Arts. I spent much of my life making most anything out of wood, especially furniture, wood lamps and bowls. Now that I have retired, I have the opportunity to pursue my passion and love of woodworking full-time.


I enjoy the challenge that wood turning presents in taking a part of a tree and visualizing an art form in it.  It is very satisfying to use the skills and techniques I have learned to create an object that is both pleasing to look at and is functional to use.


Each handcrafted item is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is something you will be proud to have in your home. It is my hope that my love of wood, especially wood turning, will be something that will bring light, warmth, and enjoyment to you and your home for many years.

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