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These pictures are representative samples of the quality of work done. Inventory is constantly changing based on available wood and bowls that have been sold at shows.


Please email us if you are interested in ordering online or if you would like a photo emailed to you before purchasing a bowl.


Prices vary depending on the type of wood and bowl size.

Box Elder

Unusual red coloring from an injury to the tree is seen on this box elder bowl.


Lodge Pole Pine

Beetle kill pine - Variation in color is caused by a fungus (carried by the beetle); the fungus actually kills the tree.

Ponderosa Pine Burl

This bowl is made from a burl (a growth on the side of the tree). 

Natural-Edge Mulberry

This bowl was turned with natural edge of the bark left on.

Osage Orange Square Edge Bowl

Off-Center Walnut Bowl

Decorative walnut piece with offset bowl



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